Thursday, May 2, 2013

MUFE HD Foundation Review

Everyone in the makeup world talks this foundation up like nobodys business they say things like "It's full coverage, It looks so natural..etc etc etc.

I wanted to love this stuff and I'm sure anyone else who spends money on a pricey foundations wants to love it too. That was not the case with this foundation. First off the application of this is so slides all over your face covering some areas but not others. It takes three pumps to cover your face,how ridiculous is that for a supposed "full coverage" foundation.  The most annoying part is the staying power of this. I put this on with a primer underneath and an hour into work I look over and see all the redness in my face resurface. I feel like I've wasted so much time putting this on that I seriously want to chuck this stuff in the trash...
I don't know why I strayed away from my beloved Nars sheer glow to try this over hyped product. I know for a fact there has to be plenty of drugstore products that do better than this. Covergirl outlas 3 in 1 has been getting a lot of love, I plan to try that one out next. If you do wish to try Mufe HD I would highly suggest sampling it first, because we all know products work differently from person to person.

*Great shade range
*Has a pump

*Awful staying power
*Hard to blend

Feel free in the comment's to let me know how much you love or hate MUFE HD

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