Thursday, January 10, 2013

Products I Regret Buying (2012 edition)

Every year I try not to buy into the hype of new products. Sometimes as all makeup addicts do, I fall victim to some.

Sonia Kashuk take cover concealing stick- This was definitely an "impulse buy" I needed a new concealer so I grabbed this. This stuff is terrible! It doesn't blend,has no coverage and it's as dry as the Sahara desert when it comes to texture. This was eight bucks and it's going in the trash

Revlon lip butters- Everyone was going crazy over these things! I decided to try two of them. I can't say if it's really the lip butters that's the problem. It's mostly the two I chose, which both have tons of gritty glitter in them. They feel uncomfortable to wear it's almost too much of a buttery texture..I may fall victim to trying one without glitter, but for now it's a thumbs down.    

Philosophy the supernatural instant sunshine bronzer- Earlier this year I bought some philosophy cosmetics at my local big lots. I'm down to my last one which is this bronzer. I've tried to like it but I hate the applicator which is like a puff applicator that you dab onto your face. It looks blotchy when you apply it and it's way too orange for my skintone.

NYX Mega shine lipgloss- I'm not usually sensitive to smells in my cosmetics but this lipgloss...Woah! It's got this sickeningly sweet cherry cough medicine smell that I just cant get passed. This lipgloss is opaque but it's pretty thick and sticky. Not worth it.

Sarah Mcnamara miracle skin transformer primer- I have a feeling this made me break out. It also didn't help my makeup stay on any longer.

Smashbox photo finish foundation primer in green- This was such a ripoff! 18 bucks for this tiny little amount of primer. The primer also did nothing to correct the redness in my skin and I'm pretty sure this stuff made me break out too.

Shu Uemura- Now you're probably thinking to yourself  "Sarah!? Shu uemura eyelash curler! What is wrong with you!?"
This is indeed one of the most hyped over eyelash curler ever. Everyone talks about how amazing it is and that its the "best of the best" I'm here to tell you it's meh....Once you first get it you're amazed then after a bit it's meh. There's also one major issue when it comes to this. You can't buy replacement pads for this. You have to go and spend another 18 bucks after you run out of the replacement pad they give you. 

Well that's all for this year's "products I regret buying" Let me know what products made you so angry you wanted to throw them against the wall. Or let me know if any of these products are one of you're holy grails. Everyone has different opinions on products.  Till next time. :)

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