Thursday, July 19, 2012

Makeup obsessed?

Now I'm speaking to my fellow makeup lovers. Have you ever had that moment where you go? Maybe I need to just stop with all these makeup launches and the next best makeup item and cool it? This thought occurs to me as I'm trying to get a hold of this Nars Joie De Vivre cheek palette. I think to myself  "Do I really need this?"  "Is it worth the hassle calling around and speaking to numerous people to try and obtain this?" The makeup world is a little crazy, I had no idea what I was getting into when I started getting into higher end brands like Mac and Nars. The limited edition aspect drives us nuts and we go on this crazy quest to obtain the item.
Lets just evaluate my madness I have

-I have spoken to three different live chat representatives 
-Called a hotline to speak to another representative suggested by live chat
-I'm waking up at 7am as directed by the representatives, to call back and have someone ship the palette to me.

It's almost like the thrill of the chase in some messed up way. Admit it fellow makeup lovers, you love to know you were the last one to get a hold of a limited edition item. Hey it's no shame, we all have done a little dance when were able to obtain an item.
Hey I wanna stop with all this nonsense and be happy with what Ive got, use it, love it, but the thrill of tracking it down is so much more fun. ;)

Question: Whats the crazy lengths you've gone through to obtain an item? Bought it on Ebay for a crazy price? Stalked a site all night till the collection launched? Let me know in the comments.

Update-Called way early in the morning Nordstrom representative was able to place an order for it, but theirs no guarantee so crossing my fingers....
Obtained! Its been shipped out...just have to wait for it to arrive. :D


  1. I'm so excited you were able to get your hands on that palette! I wish I could afford luxuries like that :/

    I just awarded you the Liebster Award! You can view it here:

  2. Yeah I saved up for it. It i truly a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for the award sweetie! I will have a post up with the answers in a few :D have a great day