Friday, May 18, 2012

Outlet mall haul

Their nothing like a little discounted retail therapy... probably shouldn't of spent it but I did oh well.

So I went to the outlet mall to go and check out my local cco. I really didn't find anything interesting or worth buying. The sale ladies their were eying me like a hawk each time I would look over the Mac so I just up and left. Then I saw a designer fragrance and cosmetic store they had so much lancome and when I saw Ysl I got super excited and rushed over to look. They only had one lip gloss left and it was marked 50% off. It honestly goes so perfect with the one ysl rouge volupte lipstick that I have in #2 sensual silk. Then I spotted the ysl volume effect faux cils mascara . I had to try it at a discounted price because people rave about this mascara. The last thing I got was a lancome eyeshadow in kitten heels and it was $4.36 what a deal!

Me wearing all of the products. :)

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