Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Samples post/Rant

I feel like when it comes to purchasing makeup we hate asking for samples. It's one of those things we dread, especially when it comes to finding the best shade and formulation. I myself was the type of person who never asked help from any SA. I've come across some nasty Sales associates who wouldn't give me the time of day.

I believe we have every right to ask for samples. No'one wants to gamble that kind of money for a foundation that may or may not cause a breakout. If theirs one place I can highly recommend for samples it's Sephora. I went yesterday to get some samples of the make up forever HD and Nars sheer matte and she was super helpful. I however did not receive the same great customer service at a certain department store. I must have waited a good twenty minutes at the Chanel counter hoping to get a sample of their new foundation. the girl never showed up, and I was pretty much shooed away.

That is probably the worst customer service Ive ever received. I was seriously determined after that. I was going to get a sample of that foundation no matter what. In the end I got a sample but not in a way I was hoping. No help, no consideration, nothing...

No matter how mean a SA is to you, you have the right to test a product out to see how it works for your skin. If your nice and patient asking for two samples, and asking what shade you are should be no problem for someone who's job is to help you.

I'm very excited to see how well these three foundations. So far I am liking the chanel foundation alot so far. I'll let you know at a later date. :)

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