Friday, September 2, 2011

Mac 226 brush is it worth the hype?

I was so excited about this particular brush when I heard it was being repromoted. I knew I had to have it so I put it on hold at my mac store and rushed over to get it. The next day I tried it and it was pure love. The brush is pretty much like if a 219 and a 224 got married and had a baby it would wind up being the 226.

Now alot of people are complaining about how not each brush is the same. Meaning that some of them are more tapered than others. I had no luck at my local mac in asking if I could see the brushes and pick out the most tapered ones. they had all been placed in separate boxes and hidden away.

I did however find that once you wash your 226 for the first time the tip of the brush does indeed become more tapered than before. So if you own this brush you could try washing it first and leaving it out to dry. I would have to add that my experience at my local mac was not a very good one. The woman followed me around as if I was going to steal something. When all I wanted to do was get my free lippie for the Back2mac program. At the moment I'm falling somewhat out of love with mac.

I would definitely give this brush a 5/5 rating you wont be dissapointed with the mac 226 :)

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