Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TAG *Products I love but never use*

Ok so I didn't create this tag but I thought it would be a fun little tag to do.

B&BW Forever Sunshine fragrance mist-I love the smell of this fragrance but I almost never use it. May just be because I have a ton of mists and forget about it.

Boyfriend perfume- I remember smelling this in a sample my mother had and I could not stop smelling it. My mother was nice enough to order one for me and while I love the smell, I just reach for my Givency Play more. Will have to remember to use this more often.

Etude house lip tint chou in Tangerine-While I love the color and feeling it gives on my lips, I cannot stand the smell of it at all. I'll have to try and make due with the smell because I do love the product.

Mac viva glam gaga lipstick one- When this lipstick first came out everyone and their mom wanted it. It was sold out for awhile and I finally was able to get it. I love the color but because of where I work, I try to steer away from bright pink lips. Lovely color though.

Mac tendertone in Pucker- I could seriously smell this lipbalm all day it smells like delicious strawberry kiwi, yet I never use it. It may be because its in a jar or just the fact that I forget about it. I do happen to believe this product is a bit too hyped up though.

Mac ruby warm eyes palette- I never use this quad it sits in my makeup drawer for a fall type occasion to use it. The colors are pretty, but it just feels like a fall quad to me so I never reach for it.

Mac frankly fresh lipglass- This lipglass came out with the liberty of london collection, which is easily my fav collection mac has done. This was a color I had to have and yet I never use it.

Well there ya have it I tag each and every one of you to do this tag. Peace out :)

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