Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Guerlain parure extreme

So I've been MIA for the past couple weeks but I'm back. I have a review for guerlains parure extreme foundation. I pretty much bought this on a whim, since I had heard such great things about it. I was bent on buying a higher end foundation for awhile so I went ahead and ordered it. For awhile now my foundation of choice has been my trusted skin 79 hot pink bb cream.

When I received this I was absolutely ecstatic but fearful that it wouldn't live up to the hype. The first thing I noticed was the smell and consistency of the foundation. I personally love the smell of this foundation. It's a light floral fragrance that adds to the whole luxury of the foundation. Moving on to the consistency and application, The consistency is quite watery which I actually like. The application of the foundation is quite nice it goes on like butter. The one problem I have with this is the coloring.

I got the lightest shade that Sephora offers beige clair 02. There is a lighter shade that exists at certain department stores. If your looking for a full coverage foundation I don't believe this provides full coverage. This is a very natural finish foundation. It smooths out your skin tone and creates a my skin but better appearance. I found that using something such as my bb cream helps give this fuller coverage. Honestly though when you buy a product you want it to work on it's own. That's the point to buying a costly item.

I really do enjoy this foundation and I myself will continue to get full use of this. It doesn't make my face look cakey or like an oil slick by the end of the day. I will give it huge props for that. If the coverage was a bit better and the coloring was more suited to my skintone it would be A+
Honestly anyone lighter that an nw20, should look into the lighter shade if your going to buy this foundation.

I would rate this 4.0 out of 5

Stay tuned for a haul post with some asian eyeshadows :)

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