Thursday, August 25, 2011

Asian beauty haul

So I placed an order on and I waited around 3 or 4 weeks for it to arrive. I also placed an order on it's their fast shipping that gets me each time.
I literally had to chase down my mail lady to obtain my stuff,because I was literally leaving for work as she was coming to my house. The whole reason I placed this order in the first place was because I'd heard such great things about the bison sweat bath salts. Before I get into my review of the bath salts lets get into my haul

Adam beauty: Two lavshuca palettes in PU1 and BR2
The pigmentation on these shadows for being drugstore is great. I've worn these two palettes for a week in a row. If you love sparkly pigmented easy to do yourself eye palettes you wouldn't regret getting these. Plus the princess like packaging makes me happy with glee. Once gets the lavshuca fall 2011 palettes in I will be getting them.

Majolica majorca Jeweling eyes quad in RD784- This is a drugstore brand off shisedo and Im in love with their glamour volume on mascara. I would have liked to see a bit better pigmentation on this, but I really love the color combo. Sun Family Needs Ageha Sleeping Nomi Socks
Ok so I was a little curious about these "slimming socks" I myself don't believe the claim that they are going to make you slimmer. I was however intrigued by the claim that they would help the swelling and ease water retention in your legs while you sleep. Im on my feet at work all day so I thought this might help ease my leg pain. I really do love these socks I think they give me a lighter step to prepare me for the next day.

Kose Visee palette in BR10-This was the most expensive eye palette I bought at around 28 bucks that's pretty steep for a little palette. I enjoy the soft buttery feel of these shadows and the brown smokey colors. :) I was quite curious about the sweat bath salts so I went and ordered them. Having a five dollar coupon was an enabler as well. I went ahead and purchased a pack of the silk whitia collagen eye masks, since they had a buy one get one free promo going on. Along with the kose softymo charcoal pore strips.

Bison bakantou bath salts- Sadly these were a huge disappointment with me. I had purchased around six packs. After trying most of them out I'm super unimpressed. I dont know if its because my house is set to a low temperature. Or because my bath water isnt scalding hot but I felt nothing with these. No sweat no detoxification no nada. I even tried two together and nothing... These tend to be pricey at around three or four bucks a pack. I'll use up the ones I have but I doubt I'll repurchase. I wont try and totally write them off.

Silk whitia collagen relaxing eye masks- I enjoy the effects of these eye masks. I feel like they work great at depuffing my eyes and relaxing them. I'm not to crazy at how saturated they are like I feel like I'm crying when I wear these. I suppose alot is better than none at all.

Kose Softymo charcoal pore strips- These pore strips really do get alot of the blackheads out. I find these way more effective than biore strips. Good buy at five bucks for ten ;)

Well there you have it my asian beauty haul Im pretty obsessed at this point. I'll be getting more of the lavshuca palettes to show you soon. As well as some new skincare items.

I'm also excited about getting the mac 226 tomorrow so a review on that once Ive used it.

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