Friday, July 1, 2011

June Favorites

Its that time again I have a few favorites and two regrets this month

Mac volcanic ash thermal mask- This is a very nice soothing mask. I'm not sure if I ran out that I'd be completely devastated, but I really enjoy it.

Naruko magnolia and brightening serum-This stuff makes my skin feel so soft and look so bright loves it.

Etude house follow me lip tint- I seriously love this stuff I wear it almost everyday. It gives me a really pretty fuchsia pink tint to my lips. It's also fun to pull it out and have people think your about to put on a blue lipstick.

Skin 79 hot pink bb cream- Been a favorite and a staple in my everyday makeup routine

Orly polish Star of bombay- I saw this at my sallys for a 1.99 and now I know why. It's such a pretty color but man does it stain. If you wanna wear this on your nails your gonna need some patience and lots of nail polish remover. I took this off my mothers nails and it stained them so bad. It took us like 10 minutes to get all the blue off her fingers.

Fairy drops volume and curl burst mascara- I was so dissapointed in this mascara when I first put it on. I was looking for that same wow factor I had gotten with the platinum version. They must have reformulated it. I wish they had left a great product alone. I'll continue to make it work but I wont spent 24 dollars on it again.

Well their ya have it my june favs. I have a couple of skincare items I've switched around and added. I'll have some reviews of those once I test them out more.

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