Friday, June 10, 2011

Products I'm lovin

Oh boy do I have a ton of products I'm lovin right now. Many of them are asian products but these products can easily be bought online.

Skin 79 bb cream+sun pact- I really love bb cream it has become a staple in my makeup routine. These two products work together to give me that flawless looking skin I've been wanting. It covers my acne scars and redness so well. I put this on in the morning and my skin still looks great after I come home. I cant wait to try more bb creams. I would highly recommend this product for oily skin

My beauty diary strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser+pore cleansing scrub tool- I heart these two products together I use this in the morning and sometimes night as my cleanser. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth.

Lush cupcake mask- This stuff smells like chocolate and is quite a nice pick me up for my face. It has a three week fridge life and that's exactly how long it took me to scrap the last bits of it. It's a nice little 6 six dollar spa treat for yourself would recommend.

L'egere pure aqua ice toner- I really love this toner, it contains pure alaskan glacier water and is a great cooling pick me up for the skin. I spray this onto a cotton pad and pat onto my skin after cleansing. Sadly I wont be repurchasing due to the fact that at 18 bucks it doesn't last me a long time. I would say to give it a try as a treat to yourself but it's not too cheap. I'll be trying the etude house pure joy calming toner next.

My beauty diary peach soda eye and lip makeup remover- Sadly this stuff smells nothing like peaches, but it does a great job at removing my eye and lip makeup.

My beauty diary sheet masks in pearl powder and earl grey tea&macaroon- I apologize for all the my beauty diary stuff but these sheet masks are such a nice pick me up after a long day. They leave my skin bright and lift the dullness right off my skin. I would suggest trying out a variety box set before committing to a whole box. They can be quite inexpensive and contain a nice set of different masks. You may look like Jason whilst wearing the mask but the benefits are worth it. Make sure to leave the serum on your skin and let it absorb into your skin.

Shills cherry blossom cleansing oil- Anything with cherry blossom in it I adore. This proves no exception. I use this to get all my makeup off before using my cleanser. It has such a nice scent to it. I also love how cheap it is for how much product you get.

Mac emote blush- It took me awhile to track this down but I was finally able to get it from a lovely girl on This blush is the perfect contour color, the pigmentation is awesome.

Etude house follow me lip tint- This is quite a recent favorite it's a liptint that looks blue in the tube, but when applied to your lips becomes a very pretty fuschia color. It also contains spf 13 what girl doesnt love multi tasking makeup? The adorable packaging doesn't hurt either.

Givency play for her- This has been my favorite scent for a long time. I would call this my signature scent right now. I wear this stuff pretty much every day. I've gotten compliments at work many a time. For example "Someone smells really good I know it's not you adam" "Your wearing that good smellin stuff again" Loves it.

"Sites to purchase the products mentioned in this video" use code "anniversary" for 10% off your purchase until 6/12 They ship super fast I get my package in 3 days. They are based in california free standard shipping for orders over 29 two days left. This site does ship from hong kong so if you choose to do standard it may take up to a month or more to receive your package. This is where I purchased my etude house products this is the U.S version of etude houses website.

Well there ya go my favorite products so far I know theirs more but I didn't wanna drag this on. Sorry for the lack of pictures it wont let me upload them for some reason.
I'll be posting an asian skincare haul and some nails of the day soon. Till next time :)

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