Friday, June 10, 2011

products I regret buying

Oh how I hate wasting my money on products that become hyped up and they fail miserably. When we buy things we want them to work but sadly these products did not.

Lancome teint miracle- I used this stuff quite alot it was my second high
end foundation and I really did enjoy it. The finish it gives is beautiful and flawless, but for an oily skinned girl like myself it just made me look oily. No matter how much mac blotting powder I used I had grease face. I kind of regret buying into the hype of youtube. I will say it may work great for those with dry skin.

Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer- This is one of stila's most known products and luckily I only spent ten bucks on a set that came with stila's awesome bronzer and not so awesome onyx kajal liner. This stuff does nothing for my skin it covers literally nothing on my skin and makes me look like a shiny disco ball. I suppose it's my own stupidity for buying products that clearly are for dry skin.

Hard candy glamo-flague concealer- Geesh this product carries alot of hype on youtube. Its too thick to really cover anything on the face and the colors are very murky just a big hot mess.

Rimmel lasting finish foundation- This stuff does indeed give good coverage but it feels thick and cakey on my skin. Not too crazy about it as much as I used to be.

Rimmel lasting finish primer- This literally does nothing it doesn't help your makeup stay on longer it just feels like a mask of sillicone on your face

Rimmel volume flash mascara- I think I need to just stick with this brands lipsticks because I hate their foundations and mascaras. This stuff is too wet and it smears like crazy it makes my lashes look "too fake" if you get what Im saying didn't like it.

ELF eyelash curler- This eyelash curler hurts my lashes it pinches my skin and its not worth messing with to get the curl it gives.

Maybeline quads- The pigmentation is good on these for what you pay but I honestly rarely ever use them.

Mac eyeshadow in Mythology-This would be one of those "youtube made me do it" products. I saw this on a queen beeuty tutorial on youtube. I thought the look she did with this looked super gorgeous. While placing an order I bought it and I was super disappointed when I tried to use it. I hate the lustre eyeshadow formula it's useless and has a scratchy texture it swatches beautifully but lacks that pigmentation when applied.

Revlon nude attitude- This was such a hyped up product all over youtube. This stuff will make anyone look dead instantly it's chalky and drying, just plain awful. I actually wound up not paying for this it was in my cart, and I didn't realize I didn't pay for it until I was gone. Seriously not worth the four dollars in my opinion.

Pixi rose lip conditioner in rose- this stuff is not worth the ten bucks, it did nothing for my lips and it gave no color to my lips at all. One of the dumbest purchases I've made at target.

Confetti nail polish in belle of the ball- This is such a pretty lavender color but it seriously chips so much within a day it's not worth it. I bought this for like 2 bucks at cvs and I wish I had just saved it towards a china glaze or O.P.I polish of the same color.

So there you have it products I regret buying. Next post I'll be listing my favorite products at the moment. I've been getting into alot of great asian brands. Till next time :)

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