Thursday, June 9, 2011

My skincare routine

Lately Ive been paying alot of attention to my skin. I have oily skin and I found that wearing heavy foundation just made my skin look worse and break out more. I've since discovered alot of new skincare items.
When I wake up I wash my face with my beauty diary strawberry yogurt cleanser. This stuff has a really yummy smell like strawberry icecream. I use it with a pore cleaning scrubbing tool. I make sure to clean my face for a full minute before washing it off. Then I use the L'egere pure aqua ice toner, this stuff is pretty neat considering its made from Alaskan glacier water. It provides a very cool sensation which wakes me up. Then I use the kevin beauty maker under eye roller for my awful dark circles. Then apply my skin 79 hot pink bb cream.

When I come home from work I tend to take off my makeup depending on if I'm gonna be staying home or not. I first take my eye and lip makeup off with the my beauty diary peach soda eye and lip remover. This stuff works quite well and its been compared to the lancome one. Then I use the shills cherry blossom cleansing oil and rub it onto my face to get off all of my makeup. Then rinse it off. I've found that using a cleansing oil has really helped my skin get rid of excess dirt and oil.

If theirs one product I would highly recommend it would have to be patricia wexler skin products. I use the acnescription exfoliating acne cleanser. This stuff has really improved my skin so much. I use this as my night time cleanser. Every other day Ill follow with a mask of some sort. Right now I alternate between the my beauty diary sheet masks in pearl powder and earl grey tea ones. I've just finished up using the LUSH cupcake mask and that was pretty good.
After that I'll continue with my toner,eye roller and a night time moisturizer.

I know I listed alot of asian products and some of them can be quite pricey but all of these products were either purchased on or Imomoko currently has a 10% off sale with code anniversary :)

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