Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fairy Drops Platinum (My HG mascara )

Oh how hard it is to find your holy grail mascara almost as hard as finding the perfect boyfriend. When I look for a mascara I want it to volumize,lengthen and keep my curl. I don't want it to smudge and leave me with racoon eyes at the end of the day I think I've found it in fairy drops platinum mascara. This mascara is definitely worth the hype This mascara gives you that "false" lash look. It volumizes and lengthens and doesn't smudge. I was lucky enough to score this on for 13.90, whilst purchasing my first set of sheet masks.

I wanted to give it a try and didn't know how popular this mascara was. I've been waiting for it to come back in stock ever since I got it. It sells out super fast when it comes back in stock. I've heard this has a type of serum in it that helps promote growth and healthy lashes. I can seriously see a difference in my lashes. They feel stronger and longer and the adorable packaging doesnt hurt either, I feel like a million bucks when applying this mascara.

When I first applied this mascara I was trying to figure out how to apply it since the brush is curved. To apply I use I first flip the brush over and comb through my lashes. Then use the curved side and brush it through my lashes. Ba bam! false looking lashes. If theirs one huge con to this mascara it's the price, which can be up to 30 bucks for this mascara on I've never tried the original fairy drops, but I have an order from coming in so I'll review it once I've tested it out. The only reason I caved and bought it was because that's how much I adore this mascara. I cant be without it and I cant resist and their super fast shipping. I swear when has this mascara back in stock Im buying 2 backups because that's how much I adore this mascara.

  • Volumizes and lengthens
  • Has growth and healthy lash serum in the mascara
  • Has fibers to provide clean clump free lashes
  • Expensive for a mascara when you consider selling prices and shipping from hong kong
  • Needs to be replaced every three months as it starts to clump

Final thoughts- I think this mascara is worth a try if your looking for a different kind of mascara. If the price point is too high I've heard that Rimmel sexy curves is a dupe. I have never tried it so I cant tell you how true that is. I've had bad experiences with rimmels mascara so I don know if I'll give it a try.
Till next time :)

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