Sunday, June 19, 2011

Initial impressions ( order)

So I received my order yesterday and I was super excited to try all the things I got. First I tried the fairy drops mascara I really enjoy the platinum, but didn't wanna pay 30 bucks for it. I do like the results but right now I have to experiment a little more.

I needed a new shampoo really bad because my current mane and tail is just not doing good for my hair. I liked it at first and now I literally hate the stuff. I honestly hate my hair in general it's so dry and just unmanageable. I'd heard great things about shisedo's tsubaki haircare line. This stuff smells amazing! I could not stop smelling this stuff before I used it. The next morning my hair didnt feel so tangled and dry. I'll let you know in more detail once I use it for a longer time

I'd heard so much about naruko products. Everyone on youtube was talking about them. I had to give the magnolia serum a try. I put this on last night and this morning and I cant say I'm noticing a huge difference in my skin. I do however love the way it makes my skin feel. I'll have to use it more for a better review.

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