Sunday, September 29, 2013

Diorshow waterproof mascara *My new found holy grail*

Wow it's been a long time since I've done a review. I'm happy to say I'll be back to do favorites and reviews now that I have a brand new camera.

Today I'm reviewing my new found holy grail mascara. I've tried a ton of drugstore mascaras and a couple high end ones but none of them do what diorshow does,This is a cult favorite for a reason. It gives me beautifully long and separated lashes. I swear it looks like I'm wearing false lashes. The waterproof formula helps my curl stay all day. From when I put it on at 7 in the morning, to when I take it off at 10 at night.

This mascara has been the very first mascara I have repurchased. It's that good! Yes the price point is high for a mascara but I really do believe it to be worth it.

*Gives great length and volume without clumps
*Curl lasts all day due to the waterproof formula
*No smudging or flaking

*High price 
*Can be troublesome for those who prefer smaller mascara wands

Other than that I absolutely love this mascara! For someone who was cursed with almost non existent lashes this mascara really fits the bill.

4.5 out of 5

Friday, May 10, 2013

April Favorites and Fails

I know I'm pretty late on the April favorites post but I thought I'd put it up anyways.

Lately my skin has been going nuts lately. I've been breaking out all over and my face has just been an acne splotchy nightmare. 

Mario Badescu Whitening Mask- This stuff has been helping with lightening up old acne scars and making my skin brighter. I really recommend this to those having trouble getting rid of old acne scars and dark spot's on their face

Beauty Blender-When I first bought this product I was expecting miracles and I was kind of disappointed with it at first. In my experience as of lately I feel like the beauty blender works best with thicker products. It blends out my Missha bb cream like a dream.

Chanel eyelash curler- I've gone through two other high end eyelash curlers *cough* shu uemura *cough* la metier de beaute...and they just dont cut it in my opinion. This one works beautifully and it really is worth the 34 dollars because it comes with more than one replacement pad.

Lime Crime lipstick in "Coquette"- As I mentioned in my lime crime review this lipstick has become my go-to nude color. Love it.

Cover Girl Clump Crusher- I've always loved the lash blast mascara and this one top it. I never have to work about clumps and it lengthens and volumizes my lashes like no other drugstore mascara I've tried

How I hate wasting good money on products and they wind up making me very mad.

Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer- I had such high hopes for this product when I bought it. This does not effect how long my makeup stays on at all! It's like putting straight up lotion on your face. My foundation is gone by the 3 hour mark when I put this stuff on...such a regret.

Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara- We've all listened to that stupid voice in our head that says "Hey girl, you've worked hard this week treat yourself to something luxurious. Well I did just that with this mascara. I expected my lashes to look fake with this stuff on. I expected angels to come down and put this mascara on for me. Ok...maybe thats expecting a bit too much but still. This does lengthen a bit but that's about it. For a high-end mascara it should not flake under your eyes and be nearly impossible to remove even when it's not waterproof.

Cover Girl Outlast 3 in 1 foundation- This foundation has been raved about all over the place and for me right now it's a big meh....
The coverage is ok but I feel like I just cannot get this stuff to stay on my skin even though it's supposed to act like a primer. I'll have to wear it some more to give a better and more honest opinion.

Till next time

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lime Crime Haul/Review

*pictured above velvetine in "red velvet lipsticks in coquette,great pink planet and centrifuchsia
I've been on the fence about purchasing lime crime products for awhile. Ever since I heard the drama surrounding this company I've stayed away. When the hype over the velvetines came about I felt like I had to have it. I also had such an urge to try out the lipsticks that the next week I placed an order for three of the lipsticks.
swatches in red velvet,great pink planet,coquette,centrifuchsia

I was really surprised by how much I loved these lip products.
Red velvet really is the perfect red. It dries to a beautiful matte finish and does leave that velvet looking appearance on your lips. It also lasts all day and doesn't budge which is a huge plus.

Great pink planet is a beautiful baby pink color that kind of reminds me of my beloved Mac viva glam gaga lipstick.

Coquette is one I was pretty skeptical about I had seen so many different looking swatches of this lipstick. Even in my swatch above it looks super orange and it's not. I have been on the hunt for a perfect nude and I think I've found it in Coquette. It works surprisingly well against my fair skin.

Centrifuchsia is also a very beautiful color. I do however find it a bit more drying than the other lipsticks. It does stain your lips and can be a pain to get off. All in all I don't regret picking it up.

* Opaque
*Long lasting
*Wide range of shades 
*Can be drying with certain shades
*Packaging does feel a little cheap 
*Color descriptions on website are very deceiving.
Overall I do love these lipsticks and don't regret picking them up, however I don't find them necessary unless your into some of their funkier colors or have fallen in love with any of these shades. I am very dissapointed in the way the lip swatches on the site are presented. They look nothing like the lipsticks when you get them. I would highly recommend looking up lots of swatches if you wish to purchase these.
Till next time :) 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

MUFE HD Foundation Review

Everyone in the makeup world talks this foundation up like nobodys business they say things like "It's full coverage, It looks so natural..etc etc etc.

I wanted to love this stuff and I'm sure anyone else who spends money on a pricey foundations wants to love it too. That was not the case with this foundation. First off the application of this is so slides all over your face covering some areas but not others. It takes three pumps to cover your face,how ridiculous is that for a supposed "full coverage" foundation.  The most annoying part is the staying power of this. I put this on with a primer underneath and an hour into work I look over and see all the redness in my face resurface. I feel like I've wasted so much time putting this on that I seriously want to chuck this stuff in the trash...
I don't know why I strayed away from my beloved Nars sheer glow to try this over hyped product. I know for a fact there has to be plenty of drugstore products that do better than this. Covergirl outlas 3 in 1 has been getting a lot of love, I plan to try that one out next. If you do wish to try Mufe HD I would highly suggest sampling it first, because we all know products work differently from person to person.

*Great shade range
*Has a pump

*Awful staying power
*Hard to blend

Feel free in the comment's to let me know how much you love or hate MUFE HD

Wednesday, January 30, 2013